• 13 September 2015
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Hello All,
My name is Drew. I am new to this community. I previously work in Communications for the military where I received my Security + certification. I am now a full time college student working towards a degree in Computer Science and working for Geek Squad. I really enjoy these forums and have already found a treasure trove of good information.

5 replies

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Hello Drew!
Nice to meet you! You will find a greatt Forum here like no other. Good luck with your degee in Computer Science!:D
Kind Regards!
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Hi Ddavison
I will say the Community! :D
Ah ha...another Geek Squad need to hook up with ? one of our gurus who I believe worked at Best Buy/The Geek Squad in the support advancing years makes me forget exactly what his exalted position there was...but their loss has been very much our gain...and hopefully having you on board will assist in terms of the occassional Best Buy/Geek Squad-related queries we get.
Regards, Baldrick
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Greetings and welcome to the Community ?.
It is great to have you here and it sounds like you have browsing here for a little while and if so I am glad that you have now become a fully fledged member.
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Hi Drew,
Welcome aboard and thanks for your service.
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Welcome aboard Drew! Glad to have another Geek Squad alum on the community.