Introducing our chat advocates to the community

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We're recently launched a new program on, in partnership with  Needle offers a service where fans and advocates for Webroot can offer chat support to people who aren't sure which version of Webroot to buy, or who have questions about features and functionality.  The chat advocates are hand-selected for their knowledge, helpfulness and enthusiasm for Webroot products.  In return they receive a fee and points that they can redeem in an online store for any completed sales that they help with.  It's a perfect part-time way to make money for a college student or stay-at-home parents with irregular hours.
The program has been very successful and we're excited to have new Webroot advocates from that program come and join our community.  They'll be on here interacting and learning, both so that they can benefit from all the knowledge that the community has to offer, and so that they can help more people who have quesitons about Webroot.  They are driven by the same passion for helping people stay safe online that our power users and VIPs on the community are, so it's a perfect fit to have them be part of the community.  (also for anyone who is on the community who might be interested in joining this program, you can learn more on and apply to be a Webroot chat advocate here.)
I'll allow them to introduce themselves individually in the replies below - there's about 17 folks total who are part of this growing program.  I'll also be creating a badge to add to their profiles so that you can see at a glance who they are.
Welcome chat advocates!

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Thank you so much, Daniel.
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Hello @,
Welcome to the Webroot Community!:DNice to have you aboard!