Is Password Manager popular, Ajax Error

I am wondering if Password Manager (PM) is not so popular with he community.  I went days with getting an Ajax error on attempt to access my passwords (depending on the browser you might get no error but no passwords either).     As far as I can tell, WR Tech support is unaware of the issue, meaning no else has notified them.  But if it was popular I would think there would be lots of ticket/messages to WR tech support.
I find PM very useful and need it almost every day, sometimes all day long (as I go over many accounts -- bills, finance, transfers), and lately it has been useless.  Again, I get an Ajax Error when attempting to get to my passwords (my account in the browser, i.e. where you see buttons to click on).   I am looking to switch anti-virus and researching other PM's, what do you use?

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Because it's broken at this time, read here and down a few pages:
 I don't understand the reponse, as I was asking if it is popular?  and 2. What other PM do "you all" use?
But in the hope of finding a solution,
I don't understand what to look for on that link.  FYI: I don't have firefox, nor do I use the WR in a toolbar, as I simply log into     and then click on PASSWORDS.
I first encountered this error weeks ago.  But then the error went away on IE,Chrome (windows 10, Android phone) and used it as recent as Friday all day.  Then Saturday morning, go the same error.
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Hi Mayan
Well, I use the Webroot Password Manager for online credentials, passwords, etc. But if I could not then I would most likely use LastPass as it is what the Webroot PM is based on.
For other passwords & the like that I want to keep local I user KeePassXC.
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick 
Thanks Baldrick.  I concluded yesterday to go with LastPass.  However, since you have informed me that WR PM is based on LastPass, and since it is not working then I will not support LastPass and go with my choice 2.   I really prefer a cloud based interface with nothing local, and no plugin (I only use hints and since I use many devices/pc's I don't want to downloand, sometimes not allowed to download anything)  
So  WR PM is working for you?    My error is via
Then click on <Passwords>
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Hi Mayan
My apologies but I may well have misled you by not being clear when I informed that "that WR PM is based on LastPass" & therefore your view is that "since it is not working then I will not support LastPass and go with my choice 2".
When I said that I should have precised that Webroot's PM is based on an old version of LastPass. Of course it was current at the time that the Webroot PM was released but since then the versions have split/travelled different courses, and as far as I know the current version of LastPass does not have the issue that some are seeing with the Webroot PM.
Hopefully, that allows you to move back to your 1st choice with some confidence?
Again, my apologies for not being clearer with regard to this key point.
Regards, Baldrick
Thanks.  After reading your post, I did a little more research.  It does appear that WR will have a new PM by February (maybe January) and that they are working with LastPass.  My WR expires in a few days, so I will renew today (I do hope that their new PM is retroactive).
I got lucky today and was able to get to my PASSWORDS (no ajax error today) and I exported my long list to a file (at least I have one file now). 
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Hi Mayan
Glad that you have been able to sort something out to your liking.
In terms of any new version of Webroot's long as you have an active subscription you will be eligable for it, just like any other WRSA update.
Regards, Baldrick
The ajax error has now been a problem acknowledged in the Webroot technical at least for a few months. Users login to their online Webroot secture anywhere and then get an ajax error or similar server error when trying to access their password manager. Yes, it appears to be a problem on their vendor side (the purchase this service from another vendor rather than develop/manage it on their own). I find it appalling that Webroot has not quickly moved to an alternate vendor/service and this problem still lags on. Personally this has been an enormous inconvenience for me because I have to manually reset all my passwords that I cannot access access through this system, then find another place to store them. How can users of this paid service tolerate a loss of an essential component of the service for so long, and Webroot does nothing to reimburse or provide a working alternative in the present?!?!?
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Just use LastPass. It's one of the best pm out there. I figure if guys like Steve Gibson (who knows a few things about security) approve of it, it must be fine for ordinary guys like me. My wife and I have been using the premium version now for several years and never (NEVER) had a single problem with it.


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