Is this a scam?

  • 13 November 2019
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An old question on this forum has re-emerged.

The Support department of a large American company (X) successfully dealt with a problem I had with one of its car satnav devices: I should explain I am an 83 year old English man, living alone in England. The technician observed that I had had three virus programs on my computer, and that had been part of my problem.

I asked for advice and was recommended Webroot. After discussion and feeling under some pressure I was sold a Life Time package for Webroot, costing me $650, paid via PayPal, curiously to (Xs), which I was told stood for Company (X) Support. 

Later I thought better of it, it was all too expensive: my Son had found I could buy 1 year from Webroot in the UK for about £45. Phoned (X) Support, spoke to the Supervisor (?) and learned my 2 week period of grace had elapsed (statutorily 30 days in the UK) and cancellation was not an option. I was offered a 5 year package for $400, which, under pressure. I accepted. that was nearly a week ago and nothing has happened. No refund. 

Currently I have a Webroot “emblem” downloaded onto my computer, which won’t open. I have no “code” or other proof of ownership of my Lifetime? or 5 year? deal. Two of my old virus programs have been deleted, whilst my computer was operated remotely by (X), the other, Malwarebytes is still there but does it give me full protection? 

I feel I have been manipulated by company (X), or its imitator, and am seriously out of pocket. Was it all a scam? Was I even dealing with company(X)? Does Webroot even have a Lifetime package? Opinions, advice, please.


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Hello@EdwinVance ,

Sorry to hear this...

I have not heard of Company X. Sounds like a total scam to me and I have not heard of Lifetime subscriptions. The first thing I would do is report this to your credit card company and try to get your money back. It's fraud in my opinion. 

Let me ping for some help so that you can also contact the Webroot Support Team to check out your computer. @TripleHelix,@ProTruckDriver @Jasper_The_Rasper@Baldrick and see if they can get you the link for Support since I'm not at my computer right now.

Good luck, 


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Hi @EdwinVance 

Like Sherry, this sounds to me like a scam but here is the link to Webroot Support, hopefully they will be able to get back to you fairly soon. Once you have asked for support from them though do not keep asking otherwise your request may end up being knocked down the list again, so just wait until they have replied.

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Thanks for your advice which I certainly accepted.

Webroot Support were asked, as suggested, but I couldn’t wait for them ; there seemed some reluctance? which I could understand: after all I am not a Webroot customer. Webroot was involved as an innocent party.

I contacted Norton, described as c**p by the scammers, who had removed it from my computer but with whom I still had a contract for virus protection. Norton took over my computer, sorted it out to the stage when their full file scan could be initiated. That ran for hours and my computer was finally pronounced clean.

As to the money, paid to the scammers Garmins(sic), in two tranches of $450 and $200 via PayPal, that I have recovered through my credit card company.

Thanks again, over and out


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Yes you have to be very careful these days there are scammers everywhere! Good to hear you got your money back!