• 22 April 2019
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I have internet security complete for 5 pc's. Can each pc create their own Lasspass account and is it Lasspass premium as stated in the WPM transfer instructions or Lasspass free as indicated by Firefox when I added Lasspass to bookmarks?

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Hi Nufc

Welcome to the Community Forums.

If you transfer from Webroot PWM to LastPass then the subscription you receive is a Premium one.

As to the question " Can each pc create their own Lasspass account", well I am only guessing here but logically if you had multiple users using the Webroot PWM, i.e., each PC or the user of each PC used a different email account to access the Webroot PWM, each would have their own password data 'store' in the Webroot Cloud.

Therefore, as the transfer method from Webroot to LastPass is keyed on the email address associated with the user/password data to be transferred one should just have to rum the transfer mechanism 5 times; once for each user/email address associated with with your WRSA subscription.

However, if all 5 users/PCs access the Webroot WPM with the SAME email address/password combination then the transfer to LastPass will only create one LastPass account.

So if yo are in the latter position, unless you 'split' your data in Webroot by create the individual user accounts under the Webroot PWM before transferring I am afraid you cannot achieve what you are looking for.

I can explain how you can do the 'split'; the setup is easy but you will then need to export the data from the single account & import that which you want into each new sub account manually.

So hopefully you are already set up under Webroot PWM with multiple accounts for the PWM. In which case just undertake the official transfer process for each and you should be good to go.

Hope that helps?

Regards, Baldrick