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  • 27 November 2018
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Never had an issue with WR.  Today my sons macbook was acting strange and I wanted to download webroot for Mac.  I went online and found what I thought was a web root site and attempted a download and got an error code with a number to call for tech support.  
long story less long, I think this is a scam.  They want $299 to fix the network Trojan horse they said was on my computer.  They seemed legit, but something sounded phishy.
sadly, I let them access not one, but two computers.  A Mac and a pc.  As soon as my spideysenses started tingling, I jerked the modem cable and shut down the network and computers.
How screwed am I?

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Hello OpenChannelD, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. :D
This sounds like a scam to me.
Shut down the infected computer immediately and contact Webroot Support.
Do not try to remove any files or programs, especially Webroot. Do not try to recover anything for now. You don't want to risk further damage. Wait until you've spoken with Support. Webroot should be able to roll-back any damage.
I would keep an eye open to all of your financial accounts and passwords to accounts will need to be changed.  ALL of your passwords including the password for your computers will need to be changed.