Made the leap to Webroot...sort of

  • 27 March 2015
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After spending a month testing all the differnent  AV trials,  I finally settled on WSA.  As a long time Norton user I was intrigued by Webroot's Cloud based security and lightning fast scans.  Currently I am running three PC's,  one with Norton Internet Security,  one with Avast Premier,  and one with Webroot SecureAnywhere.  Don't know what I will find out by the end of the subscriptions, not so much a death match of sorts,  but it will be interesting none the less.

7 replies

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Hi Danjo
Welcome to the Community Forums.
I think that you have fairly much summed it up with your "Cloud based security and lightning fast scans", to which I would add lightness of touch on system resource, stealthy updates, and more but that would just be boring you.
Do be sure to post back with your analysis and you never know...if it is good enough the Webroot Team may even consider using it as an official review.
Regards, Baldrick
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Hi and welcome to the Community Danjo, it will be great to see the results of your testing but I think you will be amazed by how light Webroot is in comparison to the others.
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Hi Danjo and welcome to the forums.
I was much like yourself browsing internet securty after being brainwashed at a young age by a salesman saying how good norton was, and since I am a PC gamer I can not say how essential webroot is for any gaming rig, any rig for that matter ^^.
I am sure you will find yourself at home here.
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Hello and Welcome to the Webroot Community!
Welcome to the future as all the work is done on the WIN Cloud and not on your PC how can the other AV's keep up with almost 500,000 new malware everyday and 142 million in 2014 alone the WIN Cloud can!
Daniel ;)


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Hello Dango!
Welcome to the Community! Great to have you here! Dont be a stranger but jump in whenever and join us because we are a friendly group!!:D
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Well Danjo I don't think you will join a community like this where the users can be more passionate about the program, that in itself must surely show how much faith we have in it. 😉