My computer was recently hacked.

  • 9 June 2015
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Good evening. I am looking for advice. My computer was recently hacked, by a encryption virus by CTB-Locker. Webroot was able to remove the virus, but I have been unable to recover my data. I downloaded Shadow Explorer, but was unsuccessful in my efforts. Does anyone have any additional suggestions? I am also now very concerned about the safety of my computer ~ especially the possiblity of identity theft.  Again ~ any suggestions?
Many thanks.

4 replies

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The infection has been removed and all that is left is the encrypted files (which are not malicious) your PC is safe to use. But if you are concerned you can create a support ticket. 
Thanks for the reply. I didn't loose much as I had backuped my system. How secure do you think I am now? Should I have more concerns? Is it safe to pay bills, etc on my computer?
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I have to agree with Rakanisheu.  
I hope you have a good backup policy.  Back up frequently, test your backups, and store at least one copy off-line.  If not, at least store confidential documents offline and away from the bad guys.  But backups do work!
Best of luck,
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I am afraid unless you have backups then you are out of options. Your PC wasn't hacked, nearly all the cases of Crypto are from the user downloading a file and running it. I personally haven't seen a case where it was a drive-by download or run from a web exploit (although they do exist)