My email is giving out private information from my other email without my knowledge. Why is this?

  • 12 February 2016
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This is my first time posting here and I'm brand new to Webroot.   
I bought Webroot Secure Anywhere for my MacBook Pro because I was told that I have a keylogger in one of my emails.
I would never have known this except that I also have an address at  gmail as well as with where the problem is occurring.  
I have an email I use to post anonymously in public forums under a screen name (my address at gmail)
My email (which I use for my business contacts)   was one of the back-up emails I used for password help and I did not expect it to start broadcasting my private information to my business contacts.  
One day I sent a message to myself from my inbox email (reserved for businesss contacts) to another address at gmail (which I use for Facebook) and got a rude surprise.  
On the message screen, on the upper right corner (where it tells the recipient about their sender) it had my screen name from my other gmail address slapped on it!  
It was also announcing some private information I shared in a forum under my screen name (which I use to save my face)   This business email at was supposed to show my own legal name, not my screen name from my other email!
It also displays  an anonymous post I left in a forum on my other email and this is creepy! 
My electrician does not need to see an anonymous post where I'm lamenting about someone's death.   He especially does not need to see it without my knowledge or consent.   I never agreed to have my email spewing my private information!  This is the worst thing I ever saw in the way of screens that lie.   
I have never heard of one email address giving out information from another email address.   I also do not know why Webroot did not clear up this problem when I used it.   

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Hi Zymrie
Welcome to the Community Forums.
I am afraid to advise that what you are describing is not necessarily just attributable to a keylogger on your system. I am of the opinion that if you did have a keylogger resident on your machine then WSA would have detected it and blocked it.
I suspect that the 'breach' is due to something else such as email harvesting which can occur anywhere between your machine and your email provider's servers, etc.
Your best approach woud be, in my opinion, that you contact your ISP/email provider, let them know what the issue is and see what they can do to remedy it.
Regards, Baldrick