• 13 March 2015
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Hello, my name is Ian and I have just found Webroot. Totally diiferent from any other AV I have seen, and so quick. Looking forward to learning plenty, starting by reading the forum.
Take Care, Ian

4 replies

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Hello Ian and Welcome to the Webroot Community!
If I may start with the WIN Cloud as all the work is done on there and not your PC also WSA only uses 3 to 6MB of RAM and up to 6 MB's on the Hard Drive for the Client and this is the future and it's here now, how can the other conventional AV's keep up with almost 500,000 new Malware everyday and over 142 million Malware in 2014 alone. Also we are a friendly bunch so stop by often and say hi and join in on the fun!
Best Regards,
Daniel ;)


And it's great at protecting your online Credentials so Shopping and Banking online is no worry! :D

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Hello ismcd,

Welcome to the Community Forum,

It's great to have you aboard! You will certainly learn a lot here and have fun besides! :)

Kind Regards,
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Hello and welcome
(Im late as always xD )
I came here knowing nothing besides a bit of tech know how and support experiance from mozilla, and I have to say I love it, the product is fab and the people are not half bad (jokeing they are fantastic) I am sure you will love it here too, the bar is to the left and the sofa's to the right feel free to relax and see you around ^^