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  • 17 August 2013
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I am new to Webroot and this first time contacting webroot. Will contact my tech support at the store I purchased the laptop. If I need more support will be back, thank you.
You don't need. Just open a support ticket and you're done.
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Hi, I'm back...I can't believe this site has what I've been trying to fix the same error message, "Windows cannot start Security Center Services on Local Computer" Error code 1079...etc. I've done almost everything suggested. Will try again tomorrow with automatic start/ delayed. I tried the other settings and tried Microsoft Fix It. I really don't want to wipe out this Windows 7 and start clean either....hum bug!!
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Wow I'll try that download tomorrow. Thank You,

We have a tool that may fix this. Please download the following program and run it. If it detects any broken services just hit next and reboot when asked. Should fix this issue.