New to both homeschool online...and to Webroot. HI

  • 19 January 2016
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Hi. Im starting two new
1. Will be helping high school junior son go thru Indiana Connections Academy (the online school Indiana offers to residents as an option to brick and mortar high school).
2. New to Webroot as my antivirus program. will be interesting!  Son is a great baseball player who needs grade repair. (Perhaps he has undiagnosed learning issue...which I will also have checked). He did do fine in a few summer online courses. And he has a super great analytical mind...I call him "Mr. Sports Database" for instance...and he is already analyzing the political detail!!!
So...on we go...I have a computer purchased 2 days ago and new Webroot software...already asked my question elsewhere .
(If you are a male or do not have a young daughter who has/had American Girl (tm) style dolls...your eyes will glaze over in boredom ...over the below info....) My other computer enhanced project coming up (when son in routine)...
I also (when son is in routine) am working to start up business offering patterns/clothing, my written/illustrated graphic novels suitable for 8 year old girls --

1 reply

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? be welcome in the community.. You'll have a great time here as we're all here to help & have fun together.
Can't allways be computer related ( coming from a nerd that's writing this :$ )
So i guess if i read your text right there are 2 kids ( boy & girl ) .. That's just like at home over here although i guess my youngest one is the feistier one. Ah well feel free to nudge if you got questions and meanwhile 
Congratulations for finding the way of Webroot.