New to Forum and Webroot. Have adware appearing in my email. Help!

  • 30 November 2013
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Please advise.
After using Norton for the last 2 years on my laptop, I've recently upgraded ( i hope ) to webroot after seeind adware starting to appear while online. Since deleting all norton products and installing webroot and running scan, no threats were detected and the adware is still appearing. Seems to appear only when on sites which are retail oriented. What is my next move? Thanks for any feedback!

6 replies

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Did you run the Norton Removal Tool??
No, I did not. I will go and search programs for it now.
I downloaded and ran the norton removal tool.adware still appearing
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A?so to be noted that many retail oriented sites use services provided by Google that while DOES NOT TRANSMIT PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION does make heavy use your cookies. Simply put: targeted advertising.

This isn't malware, and is of no risk to you, but I also find it very annoying. One way to help avoid this is to remember to clear your browser history and cache.

I hope I understand your issue correctly, but please let us know if I don't! 🙂
Thank you David, I appreciate you taking the time! I'm going to history and cache and clearing all!!
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Let us know if that helps!  I am sure we can come up with more suggestions if that doesn't work!