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  • 21 October 2018
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Hi everyone:
My name is Gerard from San Francisco. Have been a Webroot user for years. I have the Webroot Everywhere and just recently installed the new Webroot Wifi Security and App on my Tablet and PC.
One question I do have is; Do I leave it connected all the time or do I connect and disconnect? If the answer is not to leave it connected, then when do I connect and disconnect? I have 5 devices including one PC Laptop.
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Hi Gerardjc
Welcome to the Community Forums.
The answer to your question decide. You can do just depends on what your are doing on the Web and how paranoid you are. I know persons who will not surf or do anything on the Web without being connected via a VPN. Personally I find that paranoid...but that is just my view.
My view/approach is some what less so (again IMHO). I would tend to switch it on when I am doing something that I do not want anyone eavesdropping on such as Internet banking or anything where privacy is important/private information may need to be entered like filing out online registration forms, etc. (but again some believe that everything should be private).
And to wrapper this all off one has to consider where & how one is connecting...if via a public WiFi hotspot or even unsecured ones that are provided often free in hotels & the like...then definitively  use the VPN, especially in the case of sensitive or private information, etc.
If via the home WiFi which is most likely generated/secured via your own router & if you are running WRSA, then in most cases you will not have a need to use it as WRSA will provide the protection that one needs via the like of Identity Shield...but there is no harm in supplementing this already excellent protection with a further layer that in this case the VPN provides.
But that is just my take and I am sure that there will be many variations on that theme...from the very laid back to the very paranoid...;)
Hope that helps some?
Regards, Baldrick