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  • 7 November 2018
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Hi.  I'm Richard and have been using Webroot for about a year on my Mac and a PC.  Have a question.  Several wks ago received an email to me, from me basically saying  (loose paraphrase) "Hi. I am the hacker who hacked your email.  Have installed all kind of virus, malware, worms, etc.  Pay me $900 in bit coins within 48 hrs"  Normally my knee jerk response to phishing emails is to hit the delete button but this one included a password (hadn't used it for a yr or more) so it made me nervous.  Ran Webroot, a malware prog and had a deep scan done to boot.  Found nothing.  Changed what seemed like 10 million passwords. Still a little parinoid due to the old password contained in the original email.  Anyone run ito this type of email before and if yes did it cause any problems. 

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Hi and welcome to the Community @
I have seen many articles about this via our Security News section.
You have done the right thing by being cautious and changing passwords, they can find info out about us from pretty much anywhere such as breaches on other sites and one useful port of call is here to check out your e-mail addresses etc
It may be worth though having the Webroot Support team take a look at your computer to check it out for you, this service is free for current subscription holders, please see here Webroot Support.