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I just installed webroot on my iPad Air. When I log onto the website, it indicates that I have one PC, and NO mobile devices secured. I would feel a little better it it showed ONE mobile device. Have I done something wrong?

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Welcome to the WSA Community Markcid84, We are volunteers here and I'm going to try and answer your question partially ok until I can get our pro experts to help with this like @  @ and of course @ Now on my IPad 4th generation only has Backup Sync that shows my IPad listed. The Webroot Browser is downloaded for free from the Apple Store. Other then that I dont believe it will show your IPad Air in the Webroot console in mobile devices.
Are you available @ ...Or @ ???
Hopefully someone will answer you with more information.
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I believe Sherry is correct...I think an iOS device would only show in the Console if Back&Sync is installed and in use.
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Hi Markcid84
May I add my welcome to the Community Forums, to that of SSherjj & David. :D
It is my understanding, from what I have read (as I am not an iPad user) that device will not show up under mobile protection and BTW, you will not need to sign in to be protected (the SecureWeb Browser provides phishing/browsing protection while you surf).
David is also correct when he says that you will only see the Ipad as a sync'd and/or backed up device, assuming that the version of WSA you are running on you main system has that feature.
You may want to refer to this https:///t5/Webroot-Mobile-for-iOS/How-do-I-add-an-iOS-device-to-the-mobile-security-area-of-the/ta-p/5195, as the contents may provide assistance with your issue.
Hope that helps?
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Hello Markcid84. Welcome to the Community.:)