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  • 1 December 2013
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Wondering if there is any 'real' support from webroot... apparently my address on my credit card is wrong, but after confirming with the bank, it's perfectly fine.  Three times tried with customer service and three times told they can't do anything even though the information they have is perfectly fine.  And three times my bank has said it's perfectly fine.  What a way to lose a potential customer... if there is anybody from webroot who knows what they are doing and can actually help instead of wasting my time, I'd love to know... but if this is the service I get already, starting to doubt the product too.

3 replies

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Hi siradam,
Is the email address you used to register to the Webroot forum the same email address that you used to buy/register the Webroot product?
If so, an escalation engineer should see your post and be looking into the issue shortly. It is Sunday so it may be a bit.
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Yes, it is.
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Really sorry for the frustration. Because this is a support question and deals with sensitive information like credit card numbers, we'll need to handle this in our support ticketing system. I'll go ahead and open up a ticket on your behalf with this issue.
I can assure you that we'll do everything we can to help you out. We may just need to use an alternative method of payment if that one didn't work. 
Again, I'm sorry for the frustration.