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  • 14 February 2020
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I purchased a new Webroot Internet Security Complete keycode which I linked to my Webroot account.  For some reason I am still unable to access the password manager feature. I still have 320 days on the subscription.  Can somebody help me? 

3 replies

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Hi there chino m, 

  Just a suggestion, go to support and create a support ticket that is what I had done in the past they should be able to assist you in getting your password manager up and running again, You just got to be patient with a reply form support. create ONE ticket, they will get back with you just have to be patient! They have a really good support team just sometimes they get really busy. creating several tickets will only put it at the end of the line, Hope you get it straightened out !

   Good Luck 

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@chino m ,

Just so you easily get to the right place, please click this link to contact support. Thanks and let us know how it goes!


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Thanks khumphrey!