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  • 26 December 2013
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So I was browsing with Firefox looking for an alternative to Youtube to watch a certain video. After a couple clicks somehow I ended up at a website claiming to be FBI, locking my browser. They were asking me to type in a greendot card with a value of $300 just to unlock it otherwise I'd be penalized. Webroot seemed unable to help. Was this for real or an elaborate scam?

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Hi AlucardsQuest
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This sounds like a scam to me, especially if as it appears to have affected only Firefox...I am assuming that as you have posted this post after the issue occurred (?) and must have used some other browser to do so?  Is that correct, and if so is Firefox still locked?
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That is not legit, but it is most likely a very legit virus.  The "FBi" virus I think is a version of the 'Cryptolocker', which has made quite a stir in the AV Community.
Webroot is effective against this threat, but new variants are constantly being released to make detection more difficult.  I strongly urge you to please submit a Trouble Ticket  for help with this if your FireFox browser is still being locked.
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This is a scam and you have seen the website variant which is completely different to the more well known variant. If you dont see anything when you switch on your PC it was a bad website that displays this image. 
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Thanks for the info!
Well the only way I could get out of this was to restart my computer with a Windows prompt of using a previously working set-up. I looked this up and it seems to happen on Safari and Mac users as well. It will indeed lock your browser unless you restart it at least from a previous page. If you restart from the same page apparently you'll remain locked. Luckily I managed to get out of this and Firefox seems to be working fine (I also ran a webroot scan just to be safe). However I did run across a very similar page while browsing with the Wii U web browser, however I don't think it latched on because Wii U doesn't use Flash and other PC programs. Anyway, that's my story.
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Thats just a bad website and not actually an infection, its an old trick they used to use Micrsoft Defender instead of the FBI (see below link for example). What ever site you are visiting or whatever search you are using to get to this site I would avoid it.