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  • 3 February 2012
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Hi everyone... ha anyone else had a hard time with the rgistration process? It's like th website hasa virus? I'm typingvery crefully and letters kep getting dropped. Editing keys don't work and I'm not having this issue on any other site...
Signing up was difficult.
Good luck.
John Wiggill
Lexington, KY

4 replies

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Hey wigmon, I'm really sorry to hear that you had trouble during registration. It definitely shouldn't act like a virus.
Can I put you in touch with someone in Support? They could take a look at what version you installed, what browser you used, etc. to figure out what the problem was. 
Either way, welcome to the Community!
Dear Cat B,
I'm happy to discuss any and all issues. I'm using Google Chrome (16.0.912.77 m) I have cable based high speed internet and I use System Mechanic (version 10) to keep my computer running at top speed.
Thanks for the reply.
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No problem!  Quick clarification: Did you run into trouble during the Community registration or your Webroot product registration?
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