Reinstalling Endpoint (different key) over an old installation

  • 14 January 2020
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So - for complicated reasons, I’ve taken over a new Webroot contract on a set of machines that had EndPoint already installed but with no access to the Console (which was under the control of an outsourced provider who are sulking and not responding to me)

These machines obviously don’t turn up on my new console.

I can’t uninstall the old EndPoint because it keeps asking me to browse to the original msi file (which I don’t have) and reject a new wsasme.msi file (probably wants a different build).

The Endpoints are all managed, so I have no access to the UI to directly change the licence key.  This also stops me running the EXE installer, as it just prompts the existing installation to tell me to contact an admin.


If I run the new MSI file - It lets me install a second copy of Endpoint on the machine - I actually get two copies in the Control Panel list of installed applications with different install dates from 2016 and 2020.

I can then uninstall the newer copy, which also magically uninstalls the older one - and I can then do a fresh install that works perfectly and turns up in the console.

My questions:

  • Does this make any sense?
  • Is there a better way?  (They are servers, so I’d rather not reboot into safe mode, etc)


2 replies

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@cverrierrosl ,

I’m directing your question to one of our product owners to see if we can get a comprehensive answer on this. I’ll check in with you as soon as I get a response! 


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@cverrierrosl , 

I checked with our product team and they might need some more information from you. 

You might need to launch an update/install on the endpoint and then uninstall and reinstall. The 10.1x fix might make this possible using the EXE instead of the MSI, but it doesn’t seem that using the MSI is the issue. 

It would be helpful to know the EXE version, MSI version, and version of the installed agents. 

Let me know and I can relay this back to our product team.