remove a site created on webroot secureanywhere previously disabled

  • 5 September 2019
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how can I remove a site created on webroot secureanywhere previously disabled

5 replies

Sorry, I don't understand your question. Can you provide us with more precision? Thanks!
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Good morning, I specify that I am new to the forum and have been using the webroot program for a few days to test.
I downloaded the trial version from the webroot portal and installed the GMS management console, I followed the instructions and created in the console a site where to manage and configure the policies for deploying to the stations.
subsequently I disabled the site to remove it, this always for test purposes but I noticed that once disabled there is no possibility to reactivate it, let alone delete it, I miss something about it? Can you help me understand?
Thank you

OK. I wasn't sure what you meant by creating a site with Webroot SecureAnywhere. Now I understand better.

Unfortunately I do not have an Android phone so I am not acquainted with the Webroot GMS Management Console. However, I believe @Ssherjj uses an Android so I am pinging her in the hope she can help you. As she lives in the US and it is night-time there at the moment, it may be a few hours before she responds.

Alternatively, if she can't help you out our administrator @LLiddell surely can (we are just voluntary helpers but Lara is a member of Webroot personnel).

By the way, welcome to the Community Forum and I do hope you come to like the Webroot AV software and find it to be effective ☺
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Hello @Zeusilgrande,

Good Morning,

Sorry to say I do not run the WSA Business GMS Management Console with my Android. Your best bet is to Submit a Support Ticket and they should be able to assist you.

Here is the Business Endpoint User Guide that may answer your question/s.
Sorry I was not able to help more.

@LLiddell can you assist?

Thank you @Muddy7 for the ping.
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I'll second what Sherry suggested with contacting support, they are well equipped to help walk you through this and get your questions answered.