renewal keeps going back to best buy!

  • 4 April 2021
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3 years ago, purchased through Best Buy new computers and paid for the Webroot, then renewed. After the first year, had to keep getting best buy to stop auto renewal and tried to go through Webroot, but every year its a problem and I just want someone at Webroot to tell me ( yes I sent email and they act like they have no idea what I am talking about) to tell me how to do this as a clean deal from ONLy webroot.  I will end up cancelling my Webroot this year if it happens again, I am sick and tired of getting email from best buy claiming they are charging me and then trying to deal with getting it straightened out.  PLEASE TELL ME ONCE AND FOR ALL WHAT IS THE PROCESS TO JUST BUY /RENEW WEBROOT THROUGH WEBROOT WITHOUT ANY THING TO DO WITH BEST BUY ( I CANCELLED MY BEST BUY STUFF LONG AGO) OTHERWISE I WILL CANCEL OUT OF THE WHOLE WEBROOT FIASCO!

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If you purchased through bestbuy then you will need to go through their support team to get assistance: 1 (888) 237-8289