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  • 6 September 2019
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Have been with webroot 7 years with no major problems. Until this week.My search engine has been changed and I don't know how or why.From Google to Yahoo.......and tried everything to fix it with no success.Including System Restore to previous months without any luck.Anyone have any experience with anything like this ? THANKS

5 replies

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Hello @OPIE

Welcome to the Webroot Community,

Sorry for the late response..

This issue could very well be a Browser Redirect which can cause havoc in many ways. May I ask which browser you are using? This also might be considered a PUA .

But my best advise is to please Submit a Support Ticket as they will be able to assist you. Free of charge with a Webroot subscription.

Good luck and if you have a moment please let us know if this was resolved for you or not.
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Hi Ssherjj -

Thanks so much for your response. You were absolutely correct,as my problem was in fact
a BROWSER REDIRECT. Having not heard of one,I typed it and yahoo sent me to 'MALWARE TIPS'.
I followed the elaborate instructions and voila........problem solved ! Google is back and Firefox is running better than ever.

This was quite the learning experience,and with my additional research,I'm better able to
evaluate trouble and problem solve. Your assistance gave me an understanding of how things
work and makes being online more enjoyable.

Joining the Webroot Community was a smart move indeed,and I'm very happy to be a part of it.
Your expertise is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for your help.

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Hello and Good morning,

You're very welcome!

I'm so elated that you have fixed your issue. Thank you for taking the time to let us know.

Having your Browser back is a rewarding experience when you're able to fix this kind of issue. It's not easy to do and you did it! Kudos to you OPIE! 😊

We are happy that you are in the Community Forum too. Holler anytime if you need anything as there are alot of great Volunteers here to help. So visit anytime.

Have a great day!
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Thanks Sherry. Actually fixing my problem was quite simple once I understood how things work.
You and your associates make life online so much better for all of us.
I'm sure I'll be back here looking for help - but I hope not too soon.

Keep up the good work.

John Spencer

I have not had any luck finding information on this. Could you all direct me to some instructions? My Google is getting redirected to Yahoo in Safari.