Smart TV, phone call saying they are Telstra and someone has hacked me that"s why my Netflix can't connect even though my ADSL internect connection is OK?

  • 18 June 2020
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I got the phone call about 20 minutes after having repeatedly tried to connect to Netflix unsuccessfully, even though the Smart TV said my internet connection was fine?? It was a recorded voice telling me to press one to get a technician, I didn’t. Using my HDMI cable and Telstra Tbox I still have from before I had bought the Smart TV for now. That is working fine is it the TV stuffing up or has someone hacked it??

2 replies

I just went into the settings on my New Smart TV, and redid the setup and it’s connecting normally now.

Yes, I am getting a lot of scam calls on my landline (live in a mobile blackspot where a lot of hippy conspiracy theory anti 5G people live).

I went to the scamwatch website and reported this call, the Nicole from NBN calls, and the Amazon calls I’ve been getting.

Thank You.


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@Kim Lauren Hllingsworth ,

The call you got sounds like a very typical “tech support scam” to me. If you’re looking for the official tech support of Telstra, I’d recommend going here:


Always be wary of companies calling you and offering support! It’s very easy to get duped into paying for support while most companies support their products/services for free.