Taking over WEBROOT from an uncooperative Admin

  • 10 July 2022
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I am taking over an account that had an uncooperative ex-admin. We were able to re-password and secure everything EXCEPT for Webroot AV. We use Ninja and Bitdefender.

We are unable to remove Webroot because we don't have access to the web portal. The uncooperative admin is NOT an MSP, it's an EX EMPLOYEE. The ex-employee used their personal email as the address to manage the webroot instance so resetting password is not an option.

Has anyone been through this with Webroot? Speaking to webroot support, they seem to indicate that there is no way to get the software removed without gaining access to the portal. They would not offer a removal tool or other ideas other than activating the NINJA API with Webroot. We did that, and we did get API alerts to work, but nothing will remove through the API access either.

I've found removal tools online that did not remove, and I've tried the uninstall command line switch as admin which also did not work. Even Sentinel has an uninstaller that works, even if it IS a pain to I have to believe that something exists.

Advice is appreciated, thanks!

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