There was an attempt(? I think) to hack my computer, does 'Webroot" could detect that?

  • 26 July 2015
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I'm Eduardo, I was using my iphone to get into the internet, and it locked up, a window said "Safari has a problem and information of iphone is compromissed-call this number 1800 447 8361"  I called and a person said they could correct that, asked me to connect my iphone to my computer and open a website where he could see my iphone, I did, he made a presentation where problem was, asked my zip code, i gave it and told me to take my computer to a place and they will eliminate the problem, he loaded a AA.BAT file in my desktop, and told me will cost $340.  At this point it down on me, this is not correct, I double clicked on *.bat file, flickered file for a while and the guy on the line got upset for what I did and hang up.  No serious service will do that, neither charge you.

When I went to open my online banking, Chrome indicated my connection might not be secure, but Webroot, did not warned me or set off an alarm.

Is there any way to detect how to correct this?, what are my options?  Thanks to all

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Hi Eduardo


Welcome to the Community Forums.


Sorry to hear about your experience.  Unfortuantely, you discovered/realised a little too late that the popup and call are a scam to try to get unwary users to at best part with their money for no good reason and at worst to introduce a potential piece of malware onto your system...but at least you have finally realised that something was not quite right here.


My suggestions to you is that:


(i) you refrain from going onto any website that requires entry of personal information, credentials, passwords, etc., which might not be safe as a result of what may have been done to your system,


(ii) if you still have the .bat file that was sent to you and you clicked on I would locate it and then right click on it, select 'Scan with Webroot' and see what WSA reports back in terms of the contents...hopefully that will come up clean,


(iii) then if you have not already run a system scan with clicking on 'Scan My Computer' in the main app panel, and again see what that comes back with,  &


(iv) finally, if the scan comes back clean, Open a Support Ticket to advise the Support Team of the situation so that they can take a closer look at your system for you...just in case (you can provide a link to this thread so as to save you having to rekey all the information you have provided, and the latest Scan & Threat Logs will be automatically uploaded to them as a result of opening the ticket).  


The service is free for WSA users with an active/current subscription.  Keep the .bat file handy as they may ask you to send it to them for analysis.


I hope that helps?  And do keep us informaed of the position in relation to this issue.


Regards, Baldrick