Top ten facts about the Webroot Community - you won't believe #7!

  • 17 July 2015
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As you've probably noticed, I've been running some fun polls in the sidebar of the community homepage for a while.  I thought it would be fun to collate that data* together and see what it tells us about the community: *Webroot makes no claim to know what we’re talking about with any of these stats. Or do we? You’ll never know. Wait, you’re calling Legal now? Okay, okay, our polls are highly unscientific. We in no way have a statistically significant number of votes, but there’s something exciting about making wild claims. 1. 81% prefer PC gaming over console gaming

and 57% prefer Facebook to other social media platforms 3. 69% prefer to use local backups over an online backup service

4. Dumbedore & Gandalf tied for the most popular wizards

5. 88% are use Windows as their preferred operating system

6. 57% use Android as their mobile OS

7. 48% have never been skiing or snowboarding

8. 57% elected to say away from the mall on Black Friday

9. 78% are right-handed and 22% are left-handed

10. Prefer Captain Kirk to Captain Picard by 2:1

Check the right column of the community homepage to cast your vote in the current polls.

3 replies

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Omg...lmbo!! My son loves memes and so do I, now to figure out how to share it with him... looks like something I'd see on Reddit. Ooops! Can I say Reddit?
Okay I've rambled enuf.. that was awesomeness
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Shared on Reddit...hope that was okay! :S
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Yeah I was shooting for a reddit or buzzfeed parody with this, so glad you got the reference.  And thanks for submitting it to reddit - hope you get lots of upvotes 🙂