Trouble logging in

  • 29 May 2020
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Is anyone else having trouble logging into their account this morning? The website seems very slow and balky.

4 replies

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Hello @jreddoch 


At the time of this post everything looks normal to me logging in to my online console.



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@jreddoch ,

Have you tried logging in on diff browsers? I’d also recommend clearing your internet cache as that can sometimes clear up certain issues. 


Instructions on clearing cache within diff browsers:


I am testing the Secure Anywhere Endpoint product. I selected to be alerted "immediately" when there is a detection, and then I downloaded the EICAR test file. The file was detected and removed, but I don't see any detection listed in the console and I did not receive an email. How is detection data reported back to the console, and when should i expect to be notified in the event of a detection?



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The alert to your email will depend on how you have your polling interval setup. By default, it’s set to 24hrs in the management console. The lowest  you can go is 15 minutes and if you se t it to that, if your endpoints get a detection and remediate/quarantine the file, you won’t get notice until at least 15 minutes later.