Unable To Print Bank Statement

  • 28 October 2013
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I just installed WebRoot Secure Anywhere on my PC. It will not let me print my Bank of America online statement, either from the Print menu or from the "print this page" link on the bank's website. IE10 flashes that it had a problem and had to reopen the tab. This happens even when I turn off phishing and identity protection. This is not acceptable. How do I fix it?

3 replies

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Hello ktrenga and welcome to the Webroot Community!
I think I have a workaround for you to allow you to print, but remember do NOT leave this setting turned off at all times: only when trying to print that statement.
Open the WSA Software.  On the right side, locate the PC Security area, and click the Web Shield slider to turn it off.  (WSA and Windows WILL complain: this is turning off part of your protection!)  I think you will be able to print while this is turned off.  Remember, as soon as you print the statement, click the Web Shield slider again to turn it back on please!
If this works, you will also want to submit a Trouble Ticket (Link below) to get in contact with Support to have them fix this in a more acceptable and permanent manner by whitelisting the statement URL for you.It will be quite a hassle to have to turn the Web Shield off and on each time you want to access the statement, so please do the Trouble Ticket as well.
If this does NOT help, go ahead and submit the Trouble Ticket as Support will have more ideas as to fix this problem.
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Excellent response - Thanks, David! :robothappy:
ktrenga - Please let us know what your results were! And be sure to place 'URL needs to be whitelisted' or something to that effect when submitting the support ticket. 
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Thanks Mike! I am startin to learn a bit more hanging around you experts and reading all the posts! 🙂