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  • 5 November 2015
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my pc often reboots itself every 30, but before that it will crash; showing me a watch dog error. this fustrates my because i just bought the acer pc new and i am kind of regreting it. pls if someone should give me solution to this(thanks in advance)

3 replies

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Welcome to the forums Jeddi.........I am assuming Windows10?...........After some investigation it sounds like your Power Options may be set to FastStartup? Can you check this or do you require directions? If the above doesn't solve the problem and the Acer is new don't hesitate to take it back and have them check it over.
Let us know if anything helped?
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Take a picture from it and post the error.. Without it it's like looking into a chrystal orb to figure out what's wrong.
It's also advisable to mention the exact version of your OS.
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Hi jeddi
Welcome to the Community Forums.
May I check as to what you mean by 'watch dog error'? Are you referring to a Blue Screen of Death and a message referring to "DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION"?
Something looking very much like this:
If so then please let us have the full error message as depending on the error message you get, the steps you need to take are different.
Regards, Baldrick