Webroot scan deletes Windows 7 keycode

  • 10 April 2019
  • 8 replies

When webroot does a monthly deep scan it deletes the Windows 7 keycode. How I stop this from happening? Every month it's a pain to get it straightened out as it usually requires more than just re-activating with Windows registration number. Thx!

8 replies

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Hello @rannellis Can you please do a clean reinstall of Webroot SecureAnywhere!

Please follow the steps closely!

  • Make sure you have a copy of your 20 Character Alphanumeric Keycode! Example: SA69-AAAA-A783-DE78-XXXX
  • KEEP the computer online for Uninstall and Reinstall to make sure it works correctly
  • Download a Copy Here (Best Buy Subscription PC users click HERE) Let us know if it is the Mac version you need.
  • Uninstall WSA and Reboot
  • Install with the new installer, enter your Keycode and do NOT import any settings if offered by the installer as you can set it up as you like once it's done
  • Let it finish it's install scan
  • Reboot once again
Please let us know if that resolves your issue? If not then Please Submit a Support Ticket and they will help you sort your issue!

Note: When submitting a Support Ticket, Please wait for a response from Support. Putting in another Support Ticket on this problem before Support responses will put your first Support Ticket at the end of the queue.

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Hello @rannellis and Welcome to the Webroot Community!

I have never seen or heard of this before so I would suggest that you Submit a Support Ticket and ask them to look into it for you and please let us know what they say!

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Deleted Windows 7 keycode ?

know your windows is non-register ?
Yes, I have an authentic license for Win7. Every time this happens, I have to re-enter the keycode in order to use Win. Webroot scan is deleting a file that has that keycode that Win needs to launch.

Since my Webroot license expires in about a month, I've decided to forego any attempts to fix until the new license is issued. Am hoping this will take care of the issue. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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i can not understand you .

windows key is serial number , not file .

i think you do not use original Windows .


Please do not go there. I've been using computers since DOS was the common operating system. Data are stored in files, ergo the keycode is stored in a file on the system. And, yes, I do have an authentic copy of Win7, otherwise I would not be able to re-register it every time Webroot does a clean sweep.

I will wait until my Webroot expires and update with a new subscription, if Best Buy still recommends Webroot.

Thank you,
This is VERY confusing as your Windows Operating System does not have a keycode, it has a serial number. Having said that, it is certainly most strange that you are having to re-register your Windows OS each time Webroot has completed a scan. I've honestly never heard of anything like that before. I would strongly recommend that you contact Best Buy Support on 1-800-433-5778 and explain your problem.

And if you get no joy from them then, as @TripleHelix has suggested above, submit a Webroot Support Ticket.


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