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  • 29 September 2017
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I am a recent subscriber to Webroot.  For years I had been with AVG (paid version).  Initially, they gave good service.  As so many 'good starters', this, too morphed in to another venue.  Very disappointed, I searched for an alternative.  A not so good experience with one, encouraged me to try Webroot.  Two computers, a laptop and desktop.  Well secured, and once established, all is running seamlessly.  This is what it should be.  Set it up, and forget it, trust, and feel secure that all is well.
I got in to 'computers' with a Kaypro, CPM OS in the 80's.  Not many can identify with this.  I went from CPM, to DOS, to Windows etc etc, through XP which I loved, dodging the dogs (Vista, Millenium) etc., and now settled well in to WIN7.  I was part of the BB ( bulletin board) sharing, in the early years, and belonged to a Kaypro Users group in Anchorage, Alaska.  Got on the Internet in Compuserve years, loved Netscape and continued with Mozilla.  At this age, I admit, I feel quite over run with the technology.  Yet, I am so grateful for my past experiences with the transition, and count my blessings that I am able to still partake of what I love via the Internet.  Virus security gives me that assurance.

5 replies

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Pleased that you have found the Community Reetz. Feel free to chip in wherever you want - I'm sure that with your experience you will have a lot to offer. We are an eclectic bunch and it's always good to have a new face around the place.
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Hello Reetz,
Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum,
It's great to have you here amongst us. Especially with your qualifications! If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We are a fabulous group here and love newcomers.
Please have a look at the Getting Started Guide. Just encase you haven't seen it. ;)
See you a posting!:D
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Thanks for joining us, @! :cathappy:
I'm so happy to hear of how Webroot as made your experience online a much calmer one. I always love hearing that!
If you need help with anything or have anything you like to share, this is the best place to do it.
Every voice deserves its chance to share here!

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My thanks to all for the warm welcome. I have so benefited from the wonders of the Internet in all ways. Not to play the senior card, but the ability to research and bveing informed is a vital part of my life. I will count on this Community to help me on that path.
Hi @
Been reading your introduction and it sounds like you definitely have a lot to offer us.
Welcome to the Forum and I'll be looking out for your posts!
By the way I'm a sprightly 67 years old. A real stripling compared to you 😃