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Welcome to the Webroot Community, specifically the part of the community dedicated to our business products. Please take a moment to introduce yourself and say hello to our community!

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Hi everyone, I'm Gareth from Sytec, an MSP based in Salisbury, in the south of the UK.
Please feel welcome to get in contact if I can assist with anything
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Hey everyone - as one of the senior solution engineers here at Webroot, I'm always available to answer querstions both here in the community area as well as directly via PM.
Hi everyone! I'm an infrastructure admin at Lifetime Products. Anti-virus has been my responsibility at the company for over 3 years now. We are currently running Symantec EP AV and are now moving to Webroot. I'll be installing Webroot on 150 clients and servers so if there any of you have any suggestions or tips for this process to replace SEP AV, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Welcome!! Fortunately, our WSAB Agent plays nicely with SEP, so you can install WSAB on top, test policies and get things setup before removing current solution.

One suggestion - on one specific machine, run our agent with the Silent Audit policy for an hour or so and see what the "Undetermined Software" report looks like. (Site - Report Tab - Select "Undetermined Software by Endpoint" report and you'll see what the agent may concern itself. This doesn't mean our agent will block and/or interfere, but it'll give you an idea of what to possibly whitelist.

Hi there,
My name is Brett and I work as the "IT" department at a small business that specializes in the sale of agricultural equipment and parts. We've recently migrated to Webroot as a means to be compliant with our Cyber Insurance coverage and I have since then switched to it on my home desktop and laptop and recommend it to most anyone that asks me about good software as I have been nothing but impressed with Webroot so far.
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Hi all, 
I am Scott and i run a MSP business in the north of the U.K. 
basically becoming the modern I.T department for small and medium sized businesses.
Drop me a line if you ever need anything - more than happy to help. 
Hi Scott I'm trying to add my tablet I have my laptop and phone already but when i push agree and launch it is asking me for ankey code
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Hi pal,

What are you trying to do?
Am Phillip, Support Engineer for a Manufacture Firm in Australia with keen interest in cyber-security looking to work for a Security Research Firm. Webroot Enterprise Client for Two years, love the simplicity, less complex and easy installation (Webroot also defines Hash algorithms of files SHA256/ MD5) which makes its a tool during malware analysis. Webroot Online Database makes scanning fast and delivers precise Threat alert. 
Hi Tunji,
Are you a security specialist or system engineer?

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My Name is Dean Osborne and I am a senior engineer and product implimentor at Business Computer Solutions and have been at BCS 15 years I have implimented a lot of software to the customers we support. 
Security Specialist 
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Hello all, welcome to the community!
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Welcome @!
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Hello to everibody, my names i Luca and I'm from a village near to Bergamo in Italy.
I'm the sales manager of an IT Company that is focusing on the MSP tools.
Hello all,  My name is Lisa I am from Upstate NY and am CEO of a technology services company servicing SMB's all over the US.  
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Hello Everyone
I am JesseEnviroGuy.
I am the executive director of a non-profit Environmental Justice Organization in Los Angeles, California.
We specialize in reviewing the negative environmental impacts on communties of International Trade Ports, Freight Transportation Corridors and the Petroleum Industry.  We prepare public comments that make recommendations that mitigate negative impacts, provide alternatives and use clean technologies. 
Hello! My name is Hailey and I'm from arkansas.
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Welcome @! So happy you're here! 
Hello everyone,
My name is Aharon Nelson. I am a FLE in Broomfield, CO. It's great to be a member of the community and I hope to learn and grow here.
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Welcome @!
Hi everybody. My name is Andy Wooten and I work at Maple Leaf IT in St Albans Vermont as a system administrator. We are using Webroot in conjuction with Connectwise's Automate application so I was looking for resources that could help me when i have questions about the integration of the two products.
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Hello, let me introduce myself once again from losing vital information that allowed me to be amongst one of the elite CTU in cybersecurity one of many things I like. As you know nothing is completely secure and foolproof love technology and the many ways it has reformed and helped us become what is today. In this life, things change, day by day and I want to be informed of what's lurking around the corner I've begun working on becoming a e-commerce store owner and the best thing I can do is be amongst the best in cyberspace to help me be good at keeping things safe and the knowledge to respond the right way if anything happens. I am new to cyberspace so FYI stay close by if FQA doesn't answer it or i need it to be explained in laymen's terms