What bug keeps me from opening any virus protection or any program except for IE?

  • 30 April 2019
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  1. Webroot will not send me an email for a forgotten password, Tried for two days.
  2. I have an HP Envy 15 x360 i7-4510
  3. opened the laptop and the system was in a loop. just as it go to my desktop it would go to blue screen with a single line warning me that it was missing a file and that I needed to go to the site listed to fix it. each loop gave me a different website. I was able to grap the desktop eventually but not able to find the error. I closed it down and came back later.
  4. Later there was no loop but the CPU would max out until I opened Task Manager when it would drop to less then 15%.
  5. I did an internet search for a fix and found that I probably had a bug. Webroot normally starts when I power up my laptop but it did not this time. I tried to double click it open and it simply would not. discovered that no program would open.
  6. It was suggested that reloading webroot might force it to open but that did not happen.
  7. I go to work before the webroot help desk opens and get home after it closes.
  8. I could not do a service ticket since webroot will not send me a temp password. I have the long code for activating webroot but I don't remember the password.
  9. I also opened in safe mode but that did not help. Nothing would open in that mode either.
It was suggested that I use task manager to find and manually delete the problem file but most of the files look like nuclear weapon codes to me.

2 replies

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Hello @ArmyEODE7 Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. ☺

Sorry you are having problems with your computer. Since you are having problems sending a Support Ticket also I would call Webroot Support. Contact Webroot Support to sort this problem.

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They are not open when I am home and I cannot email them as I don't remember the last time I used a password for the website and they will not allow me to change it. I clicked forgot password and the site said they had sent me an email to change it but while the correct email is listed I never received a message from them. I did a forgot password for this blog and the email to change this password came in seconds but the tech help site will not work to change/recover a lost PW. I had my IT at work look at my laptop and he said I needed to take it somewhere as there were multiple issue. Took it to Staples and it took the lead IT guy to safely get into the system. He said there were multiple problems including the fact that Windows 8/8.1 was causing some issues of its own. I had them update the laptop to SSD and load Windows 10. It was a significant out of pocket cost but it had to be done. My base computer is strong enough to update once and buying a new computer just provides you with new problems. WEBROOT is now my secondary virus program with another brand as primary.