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  • 1 March 2012
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I'm cddude from Iowa. I have use webroot for many years and have gotten several of my friends to use it also. I'm retired and on my PC many hours a day. I'm a sounding board for a lot of my golfing friends with computors. This year webroot's program did not overwite last years. So I had to delete it my self. I told Webroot people and they said they were working on that problem.Have not heard of the results.
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6 replies

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I think what you are saying is that you installed the 2012 edition of our Webroot software and the previous 2011 or 2010 version did not remove on its own. Normally installing the Webroot SecureAnywhere software will remove the previous installations, but on some computers it may have troubles doing so and may need to be manually removed. If you are not able to remove Webroot normally from the computer please let us know by opening a support ticket with our support team.
Contacting Webroot Support
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Hello cddude, Welcome to the Webroot Forum. 😃
I have had webroot on my this PC since I bougth it in 2007. They always overwrote the old every year except this one. I talked to your tech and he knew there was a problem and they were working on it.I had to manualy remove the old progam on bouth computors.
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Hi cddude and welcome to the Webroot Community !
I have posted a step-by-step solution to this particular issue.  Following these steps will ensure that the older version of Webroot is removed properly prior to the installation of SecureAnywhere.  Please try the process outlined in the link below.
I installed SecureAnywhere but my older Webroot product was not fully removed
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