Why does my mobile Secure anywhere Mobile say EXPIRED?

  • 28 June 2019
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I recently renewed my subscription for Secure Anywhere including mobile. I just got my security report and it describes 3 PC's being covered and 1 mobile, with 365 days left of coverage. I only have 2 PC's covered and 1 mobile so that's the first thing that was wrong. There was an alert (yellow or orangy looking) on the report for my phone. Checked my phone and it says the subscription has expired. That's another thing that's wrong. I've been with WEBROOT for some time now and never had these issues before.

I'm confused, and I'll admit I may have done something wrong but as of right now I'm not so sure I can trust WEBROOT to protect anything if they can't get such basic info correct on my account. Is there a resource to actually contact this company for help? Has anyone on this site had these types of inconsistencies before?

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Sounds like the activation didn't go through properly, but it's hard to say without troubleshooting first. Would you mind contacting support so they can do just that? Their number is 1-866-612-4227, or you can make a ticket here.