Why does Webroot disrespect its customers?

My annual membership was up for renewal and I needed to activate the account with the security code. 
After the code was rejected on six different occasions over one week, I decided not to renew my membership. I called Webroot and spoke to a gentleman advising him of my decision. 
His response? "Is there anything else?" He then asked for my email address to confirm my cancellation.
When I explained the reason for cancelling-unable to activate the account with the security code-his response was the same. That is, "Is there anything else?"
The following day, I sent an email to Webroot explaining why I was not renewing my membership and the attitude of their employee when I called about cancelling. 
It has been more than one week and no response.
Their apparent business model-complaining customers are ignored-is unfortunate.
I made the correct decision. 

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