Why Does Webroot Flag WordPress Sites As Risky?

  • 16 May 2019
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And, other issues...

[1]...I have a WP site. My own site is flagged by Webroot as being risky. Why?

[2]...I follow that up with, what is WRONG with your message sending system? I open my Webroot panel, select 'Get Customer Support' and go here:

I choose 'Send Us A Message' at the bottom. It sends me here:

I enter my password and it refuses to accept it. WHY? I know what my password is. It hasn't changed. I get the same result with different browsers.

There was a time when you could send a message directly to you guys via the Webroot panel. What happened to that? Why make it SO difficult to contact you?

[3]...I had to delete my Webroot on my Samsung S7. Why was it using up SO MUCH battery power?

4 replies

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  1. Would you my sending me the URL that's being flagged via private message so we can re-classify it?
  2. That link is a quick self help page, but I do agree it should take you directly to a method for contacting support. The second link is used for creating a ticket, I encourage you to make one if you haven't already, otherwise you can call at 1-866-612-4227 (Home users) or 1-866-254-8400 (Business users)
  3. This was a known issue that should be resolved with the latest version of Webroot Mobile Protection
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[1] I don't know how to send you a private message. Your image/avatar doesn't provide me a way to do so.

And, the URLs would number into the millions. I thought it was just my site. It isn't. It is WordPress in general. They are ALL flagged as suspicious. Your heuristics are jumbled. As a blogging site, WordPress doesn't have suspicious sites. Trust me. If it was suspicious, WP, itself, would take the stuff down.

[2] I've TRIED to create a ticket. Your 'send us a message' page is a loop...that takes me nowhere. I enter my correct password, the page blinks and I'm still in the same place. I will have to call the number when I have more time.

[3] I will attempt to re-load Webroot onto my phone. We will see how that goes.
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Odd that the support link didn't work, that's the first I've heard of it looping. I'll look into it.

We generally will flag sites based on their URLs and content, not the tool that is used to build them.