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  • 31 December 2015
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How can I add a windows/nokia phone to my account?

Best answer by Baldrick 31 December 2015, 16:57

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I am afraid the answer to that is 'No' as Webroot do not do a Windows compliant version of WSA. Thereason for this is that the Windows Phone kernel is so locked down by default that it would would be extremely difficult for malware to run on this type of phone...hence there is currently no need for 3rd party security apps for that platform.
Regards, Baldrick
This is no help for companies who wish to be PCI-DSS compiant. We are currently a client of Webroot and deploy to all of our Windows Desktops, laptops, servers and now we have a need to be fully compliant in regards to new contracts we may be forced to move away from Webroot.
Applying npoint protection to iOs and Android phones is beneficial, but if we can't use this on Windows Phones, we may have to look at moving to a supplier who can provide us with a full array of devices.
regards Psycone50
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Hi psyclone50
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I am afraid that it is most likely out of Webroots hands in that Windows Phone's use in the market is minute...I have seen figures of something like 0.7%...which most probably makes the commercial case 'for' non existant.
But you are most likely best off starting a Feature Request for this from a business angle or adding suitable comments to the existing Feature Requests. That is the best way to get the attention of the Development Team.
Regards, Baldrick