You may be at risk.

  • 17 April 2019
  • 5 replies

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Any help would really appreciate. For the past week I have notice my webroot been saying you may be at risk. Current scan out of date. But I still have 164 days left in my subscription so how is that I'm at risk?

5 replies

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Hi Noxynite

Welcome to the Community Forums.

I believe that you have 2 choices here; either uninstall WRSA & then clean reinstall it or you can Open a Support Ticket to let the Support Team know about your situation and hopefully they should be able to help you out.

If you would like to follow the first option then please post back as we can provide instructions on how to undertake this.

Regards, Baldrick
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I have uninstall and reinstalled. Now my product key doesn't work. But I still have 164 days left in subscription.
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OK, well...if that has not worked then go ahead and raise the Support Ticket, and make sure to mention that you have already tried the uninstall, reboot & then re-install. to no effect.

Hopefully they will be able to sort you out.

Regards, Baldrick
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Your product key should still work just fine. Make sure it's verbatim, and I know sometimes the O's can look like 0's. As Baldrick mentioned, support will be able to help you out if you're still having trouble.
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Or, alternatively, if you have your registration email still...just copy/paste the subscription keycode from there...that way you can be sure that it is pukka/as Webroot intended. 😉


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