Best way to force remote updates for all agents (MSP/sysadmin)?

  • 15 October 2020
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I’ve been managing Webroot endpoints for several years now, I am a bit frustrated by the lack of administrative features which is causing issues for us. Is there a way to easily update Webroot agents to the latest version? We used to be able to do this in the past with pretty good success using the download and execute feature that was built into the web management console, but that seems to no longer exist. Is there some sort of a switch I can call against WRSA.exe like a -forceupdate, for example? Really want to get all of our agents up to date and clean up our dashboards. Thanks in advance.


Edit: We are also using the automate plugin, but it seems to be quite limited and doesn’t offer much in terms of automating some of these tasks for us…

1 reply

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Hi @AhhnoldsChoppa,

You’ve raised a number of topics, so let me deal with each one.

Agent Update: As long as you’ve set agents to update automatically within a policy, they should update automatically.  However, this process may not always work due to environmental factors.  Most common being blocked ports.  It is always best to investigate what’s causing the agents not to update, then to force an update, otherwise, the problem may persist.  But if you wish to force an update of the agent, you can run an Automate script that pulls down the latest version and installs on top of the existing agent.  If you need specific info on how to achieve this, please contact our support stating your problem and they should be able to help you with a custom script best suited to your circumstances.

Automate Plugin: The Automate plugin is designed to minimize manual tasks by automating as many features as possible.  Even policy settings can be rolled back automatically should a technician forget to change it back after a temporary change.  We could, for example, add an “Install” button, which can push the endpoint agent again.  But as described before, that can mask an underlying issue, so thus far we have avoided it.  

Download & execute feature: Yes this was a great feature that could be used in all sorts of ways, but we have had to withdraw it because hackers could potentially use it for malicious purposes.  

Further Automation features in the Automate Plugin:  I would love to get more ideas around what else we could automate within the plugin.

Thanks very much for raising these topics.