Zero Trust: Hype vs. Reality

  • 24 December 2022
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Zero Trust: Hype vs. Reality

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Unfortunately you can't trust anything or anyone... not even yourself

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Great that we now have a nice phrase to describe what we are already doing.  Is nice to have a definition so we can check what we do to what others are saying we should do.

The cyber dictionary gets longer with acronyms and phrases every day and its tough to keep up.

In the UK, insurers are now asking about: PCI DSS, 10 steps to cybersecurity from NCSC, Cyber Essentials (and Plus), ISO 27001, 2FA, MFA , Endpoint security and SAT.  I expect Zero Trust will be there soon.


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Great article, happy new year!

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Thanks for this great article. Good to start with the definition of Zero trust that is used for the article. A lot is given the tag Zero trust without a clear definition.

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Excellent article, nice and succinct.

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I appreciate the article.  Every 15 months there seems to be a cybersecurity buzzword - ala Zero Trust.   IMO, it seems many aspects of “Zero Trust” will become the norm as it has in my environment.

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Great article. Really enjoyed reading it.

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Great article, thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Much clearer on the definition and truth about zero trust technologies and networks now.