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How to uninstall the DNS Protection Agent

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Uninstalling the DNS Protection agent

To uninstall the DNS Protection agent on any endpoint:
  1. Change the Install DNS Protection setting to Off under the DNS Protection settings in the policy applied to that endpoint or identify another policy to apply to that endpoint that has DNS Protection disabled.
  2. Apply the policy with DNS Protection disabled to the endpoint, which will be applied naturally during the polling interval. To accelerate the application of the new policy, you can force an endpoint to check in by doing any of the following:[list]
  3. Scanning the endpoint
  4. Rebooting the endpoint
  5. Right clicking the WSA icon in the system tray and clicking Refresh Configuration
  6. Executing the command “wrsa.exe –poll” from the directory where the WSA agent is installed
  • Reboot the endpoint to complete the uninstallation process and allow the system to release any resources formerly used by the DNS Protection agent.[/list][/list] 
    If you are having problems uninstalling any Webroot product, click here to open a ticket and work with Support to resolve it.

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