Removing DNS Filtering Agent

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Just an FYI to anyone seeking to turn off WebRoot DNS Filtering:
My recent experience is that turning off DNS Filtering in the GSM does NOT remove the DNS Filtering agent from the client.
I had clients unable to surf due to DNS issues with after DNS Filtering was activated. De-activated DNS Filtering, issues continued. Found the DNS Filtering agent still installed on afftected clients, altering the DHCP DNS settings. Manually removed the agent.

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I am experiencing this same behavior. Did you ever find a resolution to the DNS issues? Did the DNS agents remove themselves or did you manually remove them?
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The DNS agents had to be manually disabled and removed on each client. And yes, I did find a solution: I moved my clients to [removed by moderator per community guideline #4]. It just works, has a roaming agent, and is far less expensive than WebRoot DNS FIltering. 
The WebRoot DNS FIltering solution was half-baked upon release, still having significant issues a year post release, and costs too much even if it worked reliably. WebRoot should stick to what they know how to do well and stay focused on that.


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