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Unintended installation of the DNS Protection agent

Unintended installation of the DNS Protection agent
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Unintended installation of the DNS Protection agent
In cases where the DNS Protection agent software is being installed to endpoints unintentionally, it is being done because the following conditions are true. The endpoints in question:
  • Are a member of an account that has DNS Protection enabled at the GSM console level.
  • Belong to a site that has an active DNS Protection license or active DNS Protection trial license enabled.
  • Have an endpoint policy assigned that has DNS Protection enabled.
In most cases, the simplest approach to correcting this situation is to review the assigned endpoint policy and ensure that DNS Protection is disabled.
Please be aware that if the policy applied to the endpoint has DNS Protection enabled, the DNS Protection agent will be reinstalled immediately after it has been removed, regardless of the method used to uninstall. This will continue to happen until the policy is updated and DNS Protection disabled.

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