Clearing Threats

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I am new at using the webroot endpoint security. I had a threat detected on one of my endpoints and I was alerted on the webroot management console dashboard. I clicked on the 1 endpoint protect needs attention to view threat. As usual, it gave me information on the threat and the endpoints affected by the threat. On the very right-hand side, there is a brush icon to clean up the threat. I clicked on to manually clear the threat, all it did was run a scan on that endpoint but it did not remove the threat. The threat is quarantined but it keeps alerting me on the dashboard saying 1 endpoint needs protection. I assumed that I had the ability to manually clear threats on endpoints, but I may be wrong. I had used other endpoint protection software in the past that gave me the ability to manually clear threats on endpoints. If I can get some enlightenment on how threats are cleared, whether if its automatic or manual. I will really appreciate the feedback and responses.

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