A few photos from the SMBiT Professionals National Conference: Sydney: October 2016

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This past weekend, we participated in the SMBiT Professionals National Conference in Sydney, Australia.
It was a really nicely-done event, which had fantastic presentations and a congenial/supportive atmosphere. Always great to catch up with our MSP partners and Webroot Ambassadors - and meet new people as well!
Here are some photos from the two-day event.
* For more photos, check out the SMBiT Professionals Facebook Page.
* For the full list of presentations (including "Fixing your Broken Break/Fix Business" and "7 ways to market a boring Professional Services business") see the agenda on the conference website.
* If you're an MSP in ANZ and would like to learn more about joining SMBiT Professionals, please visit this website
* If you attended the conference, please feel free to share your feedback and photos with us below - or by emailing ChannelEdge@webroot.com. 
Warm regards, 
Ash Rao | Marketing Specialist - Asia Pacific

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