BrightTalk Webinar - July 17, 2013

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On July 17, 2013 at 11:00AM, Webroot's Security Intelligence Director, Grayson Milbourne, will be presenting a webinar entitled "Enhancing MDM's to Protect User Privacy through App Reputation."

Today’s MDM solutions are effective at lost device and malicious app protection, ensuring passwords are used and separating and securing both personal and corporate information on the same device – but what about protecting against apps with shady privacy practices? For instance, apps whose developers monetize through imbedded advertising engines which pay based on the amount of user data collected. Or, apps which insecurely store, access and/or transmit user data. How can IT admins protect against the choices users are making when installing 3rd party apps? From a security perspective, this area needs to be addressed before corporate and personal data is compromised. As a result, a mobile application reputation service for Android and iOS platforms is required to specifically address the issues of shady apps. By analyzing dozens of key metrics, app reputation analysis greatly assists in the decision making process when it comes to a user installing a new app. By being able to immediately alert the user to the potential security risks, or poor security practices, it provides an informed opportunity for them to compare the app against other similar, yet more secure, apps. Attend the webinar to learn more about app reputation.

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