eSeminar 9/6/12 Featuring Frost & Sullivan's Michael Suby

  • 31 August 2012
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Leading experts will detail how replacing a traditional signature-based endpoint security solution cured headaches such as inaccurate reports, undetected infections, and lengthy scans that were slowing users' machines and making them unproductive for up to two hours a day. They will present new research on how cloud-based endpoint security solutions overcome many of the pain points of an aging signature-based model.
Frost & Sullivan’s Stratecast analyst, Michael Suby, will present new research on the latest innovations in endpoint security. Attending this online event is essential for any IT professional trying to:
  • Significantly improve protection against today’s rising cyber threat risks—including targeted attacks
  • Eliminate system crashes and other headaches stemming from signature updates
  • End complaints about AV scans slowing PCs to a crawl
  • Get back countless hours spent on reimaging machines
Topics covered include:

  • How recent major innovations in endpoint security eliminate the headaches associated with signature updates
  • Why a traditional, signature-based, approach can leave your users exposed
  • How to end complaints about slow security scans and lost productivity
  • Ensuring your endpoint security is always up to date, even outside the firewall
  • Evaluation criteria for moving to next-generation threat protection
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1 reply

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I'm waiting to watch this at 1:00pm EST my time and just got a reminder from Webroot!  ;)


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